Montessori Campus Larnaca

Kids from 3-6 Years old


One Day in our kindergarten

Our children's house day starts at 8:30 , drop off between 7:30-8:30. When children arrive, they are greeted by a teacher and they change their shoes independently, put them in the lockers and then go into the group. Here you can arrive in peace and greet your friends. During the morning the children prepare the snack buffet together. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are cut and prepared, bread is baked and news is exchanged.

The entire morning is free work time. The children choose what they want to work with and pursue their interests. Children are repeatedly invited to presentations and led into independence. The children decide for themselves when they want to eat snacks or just rest. Depending on the group dynamics, there are circles, movement units or other offers. Throughout the morning, small groups can go out into the garden and exercise or work in the garden.

At lunchtime we all meet as a group and set the tables. We eat together and at each table there is a waiter or waitress who serves, collects and brings food. The afternoon children stay in the group and help maintain the prepared environment and pursue their interests again. A little later there is a snack and the opportunity to talk together or listen to stories.

Depending on our mood, weather and dynamics, we go to the garden, to the studio or simply stay in the group. All children are picked up by 3:30 p.m. and a day at the children's house comes to an end.

Our learning and development program for our 3 to 6 years old

One of the most important components of Montessori Pedagogy is the prepared environment.Our children’s house is continually lovingly prepared according to the framework of Montessori Education.

The design of the rooms in the children's house is characterized by order, aesthetics and selected materials. The child becomes self-sufficient and independent, learns to respect his environment and develops his social behavior.

The rooms are divided thematically: Daily life exercises (indoor and outdoor), sensory materials, mathematics, language, nature and culture (geography, history, physics and biology) art and music. Together with the children, we keep the prepared environment clean, tidy and aesthetic.

In addition to the materials in the prepared environment, we also offer the children materials for creative design and making music. Regular exercise is an integral part of our concept.