Montessori Campus Larnaca

About us

Embracing Difference and Empowering the Next Generation

Making a positive difference

The aim of Montessori Education is to foster autonomous, competent, responsible, adaptive citizens who are life-long learners and problem solvers. 

We are an authentic Montessori School. We empower the next generation to be joyful,  fulfilled and be able to make a positive difference to their family, their community and the planet.

Our Mission
We provide World-Recognised Montessori trained teachers, Montessori Curriculum and workshops for parents, and family members. We run an exemplary school offering the highest-quality and most authentic Montessori Education for 3-12 year olds

Our Values


Our school is a friendly, peaceful place, where our positive and optimistic approach can be observed in our everyday life. A place where everyone is welcome. We embrace differences.


We support our children and their families.


We are self-reflective and curious.


We are true to our beliefs. We are always polite and professional and offer the best quality and value we can.

Inclusive and Collaborative

We value difference and respect the contribution that any individual or organization can make. We believe in collaboration instead of competition.

our team

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